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The Meaningful Purpose Team: Allowing, Cooperating, and Transcending (OD2.0)


Participants review team models and theories, and build skills to form and sustain high performing meaningful purpose teams.

Leveraging content from the book "The Path to a Meaningful Purpose," the learning experience will prove valuable to both new and established teams. In addition, individuals seeking to learn about group dynamics through the meaningful purpose psychology (OD2.0) lens will find the laboratory enlightening and practical. Current team theory and models are studied in order to understand contemporary approaches and for diagnostic purposes; and are contrasted against emerging methods from the field of positive and meaningful purpose psychologies. Strong attention and emphasis is given to transferable skills for back-home application.

You will learn how to:

  • assess team strength and opportunity
  • uncover, and constructively deal with obstacles to high performance
  • build and practice meaningful collaborative skills and attributes
  • develop a team's meaningful purpose
  • sustain high levels of engagement and performance

This is a three-day learning experience.

Prerequisite: Meaningful Purpose Laboratory

Dates and Sites: We are open to offer the workshop on site.