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Diagnosing Organizations for Meaning and Purpose (OD2.0)


This five-day laboratory trains change agents how to diagnose an organizations’ ability to engage and sustain meaningful high performance.

The learning experience leverages case-studies, theories of organizations, work culture, meaningful purpose psychology, plus hands on application. During the laboratory, learners apply themselves to diagnose and develop a meaningful high performing work culture. This hands-on approach complemented with a theoretical framework provides insight into the opportunities and challenges of building effective and efficient organizations. 

Specifically, during the program participants

  • explore the role and examples of diverse organizations in a capitalist society
  • highlight assumptions of the "as is" cultural model of most organizations in contrast to meaningful purpose firms
  • build a meaningful purpose organizational identity
  • practice diagnosing and implementing a meaningful purpose organization and work culture
  • plan implementation for back home application


  • Meaningful Purpose Laboratory
  • The Meaningful Purpose Team

Dates and Sites: Currently taking orders from groups and organizations. We are currently not planning to offer a public seminar in the near future.