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The Meaningful Purpose Leader: Building Meaningful Leadership Brands (OD2.0)


This 3-day learning laboratory will help you evaluate and strengthen your leadership meaning and purpose.

For leaders and aspiring leaders who have participated in the foundational Meaningful Purpose Laboratory, this laboratory leverages meaningful purpose psychology and leadership theories, case studies, and hands-on application. Participants define meaningful purpose leadership and build their own individualized meaningful leadership brand. By the end of this program participants:

  • study leadership, power and influence theories and dynamics, as well as their assumptions

  • contextualize and analyze leadership in the frame of meaningful purpose psychology theory

  • build  their own individual meaningful purpose leadership brand

  • practice leadership

  • plan implementation for back-home application

Pre-requisite: Meaningful Purpose Laboratory; and Diagnosing Organizations for Meaning and Purpose

Date and site:Now accepting group registration for a yet to be determined date.