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Organizational Change: A Tavistock Work Conference


Based on Tavistock co-founders Wilfred Bion and Harold Bridger’s methodology, this workshop uncovers the effect of internal and external environmental complexities on the organization’s ability to perform to its full potential. The workshop will provide insights as to why members of organizations resist change during times when collaboration and interdependence are most critical.  This paradox of need versus resistance to change requires the:

  • increased awareness of explicit and implicit organizational dynamics
  • exploration of response options, and consequences
  • need to “unlearn” non-value adding beliefs
  • replacement of non-value adding beliefs with more productive options

During the work conference you will focus on applying themselves to relevant and real issues confronting organizations.

Through open systems theory, participants will learn how organizational members can regulate and manage reciprocal interactions across boundaries to maximize the organization’s potential.

You will also gain a deeper understanding as to why traditional “technical” methods, models or approaches are not sufficient to drive and sustain change – particularly in complex organizations operating in complex environments.  Further, the learner will discover how traditional “technical” methods have been applied as “activity traps” – and learn to avoid these traps.

You will practice contracting, observing and intervening within a fictitious organization to promote aligned options between environmental realities and internal response systems.

Participants will create an action plan to apply what they learned to her/his work. 

Length: 4 days