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Meaningful Purpose Human Resource Professional Laboratory (OD2.0)


The purpose of this laboratory is to infuse Human Resource professionals with greater meaning, purpose, and abilities to tackle contemporary organizational challenges leveraging OD2.0 theory and methods.

Given the competition for talent, as well as the global stubborn engagement crisis, strategic HR practitioners are called to be at the forefront of an emerging demand for meaningful work. But what does it mean to be a Human Resource Professional? Why are you in this function rather than pursuing another career path? What is your passion for the HR field, and how could you leverage that passion to make your organization more engaged and profitable? Finally, how influential is HR in your organization? Exploring the answers to those questions provides insight to challenges such as attracting, engaging and keeping talent. Moreover, with this new awareness you will build your confidence and improve your ability to shape and influence direction.

This laboratory is customized for Human Resource professionals so that they may

  • review and understand the impact of current organizational theory and how it contrast with OD2.0 propositions and approaches
  • review and appreciate the implications of current workforce trends
  • learn from meaningful purpose organizations
  • build a more robust functional and career meaningful purpose
  • explore strategies to transform HR and to align services, policies and practices
  • plan implementation for back-home application

Pre-requisites: Meaningful Purpose Laboratory or Meaningful Purpose Workshop

Dates and Sites: Currently taking orders from groups and organizations. We are planning a pilot for January 2016.