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Meaning of Life. Meaning in Life (Lessons 1-11)


    According to a Servelum survey, only 25% of the assessed population could answer with certainty what the purpose of life is.  To fill the certainty gap, this webcast is for practitioners interested in learning the Meaningful Purpose Psychology (Logoteleology) approach to help clients claim their meaning of life, and how to live a genuinely purposeful and prosperous existence.

    Based on the award-winning book, The Path to a Meaningful Purpose: Psychological Foundations of Logoteleology, and the soon to be published, A Primer in Logoteleology: Meaningful Purpose Psychology (L. A. Marrero, Dan Persuitte), through this webcast you will

    1.          Learn Meaningful Purpose Psychology (MP) theory, models and methods at your own pace
    2.       Leverage the theory and approaches for personal development
    3.       Gain techniques to enhance your practice
    4.       Join a meaning-based community of practitioners

    A    About your host:

           The webcast will be hosted by author and pioneer of MP and OD 2.0, Luis A. Marrero, M.A., RODP, MLP. Luis is the Founding Partner of the Boston Institute for Meaningful Purpose, based in Westfield, Massachusetts, and Deltona, Florida. 

           The program has fourteen sections, each with multiple lessons lasting between 25 to 60 minutes each. Sections of the wecast's lessons will be rolled out monthly, starting with Lessons 1 through 11. Handouts are provided.  The Meaning of Life. Meaning in Life. Webcast is a pre-requisite to becoming a Boston Institute for Meaningful Purpose Certified Logoteleology Practitioner (Coaching or Second Wave Organization Development [OD 2.0}).