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Leading Change: With Meaning and Purpose (OD2.0)


This learning laboratory studies contemporary theories and models of organizational change, and compares them to Meaningful Purpose Psychology (logoteleology) Organization Development approaches or OD2.0. Participants discover what is change and transformation, and how to adapt successfully to environmental demands.

Participants leverage learning theory, methods, and tools with experiential learning approaches to gain insight as to what leads and prevents successful adaptation to environmental demands, expectations, and opportunities. A trademark of Boston Institute for Meaningful Purpose learning approach, strong attention and emphasis is given to transferable skills for back home application.

During the learning laboratory you will learn:

·         Current Organization Development (OD) change theory, methods, and tools

·         Meaningful Purpose Psychology’s approach to Organizational Transformation and Adaptation or OD2.0

·         Experience and discover what aids and prevents meaningful adaptation and transformation

·         Plan for back-home application and implementation

Prerequisites: Meaningful Purpose Laboratory; Introduction to Organization Development; Diagnosing & Building Teams

Dates and Sites: We are currently accepting requests from organizations.