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Introduction to Organization Development (OD2.0)


This learning laboratory is designed to give practical capabilities to aspiring change agents through traditional OD approaches. It also explains some of the fundamental differences between traditional OD and Meaningful Purpose Organization Development methods. The Laboratory provides contextual knowledge and hands-on opportunities to understand the fundamental dynamics for meaningful transformation through the classical or traditional approach.

Have you ever wondered why some organizations, teams and individuals are more successful than others? And what lies behind successful performance?  The field of Organization Development in the United States since its beginnings has sought to study, validate, and apply solutions toward successful performance and outcomes. Since the advent of Positive Psychology and Meaningful Purpose Psychology, modern approaches have moved from a remedial to strength- and meaning-based approaches. Through this introductory workshop and laboratory you will learn OD’s Meaningful Purpose foundational values, core theories, and methods; and how these have evolved over time. In addition, you will have the opportunity to apply and practice classical intervention skills with your fellow classmates. Participants learn to contrast classical and emerging OD methods. The workshop is designed for professionals who aspire to practice Organization Development and/or become change and transformation leaders.


Who Should Attend

New OD Practitioners, managers, and anyone with little or no background in Organization Development, as well as those unfamiliar with OD2.0


What You Will Learn 

  • How to be relevant and helpful to your customers
  • How to analyze situations and apply the appropriate OD initiative using the classical approach
  • How to use the action research process to help your clients solve problems
  • What to observe in a group in action in order to help its members achieve their goals
  • What roles will best enhance your clients’ competence and provide long-term enduring capabilities
  • What are the different schools of OD, and what is OD2.0


How Will You Benefit 

  • Clearly identify and articulate business strengths and performance gaps
  • Differentiate between types of consulting that help you clearly define your OD Consulting role
  • Come away with practical tools you can immediately use at work
  • Identify future areas to sharpen your OD competence
  • Receive practical advice from an experienced and Registered Organization Development Professional (RODP) and Licensed Logoteleologist


Length: 3 Days

Dates Accepting Proposals for Learning

Place TBD

Language: This workshop can be facilitated in Spanish and English.

Prerequisite: None, but the Meaningful Purpose Laboratory is strongly suggested.

Note: Introduction to Organization Development is a course in Boston Institute for Meaningful Purpose’s Organization Development Certificate Program.


This Program is also available for on-site delivery.