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Foundations of Meaningful Purpose Psychology (Logoteleology)


This 16-hour workshop (In classroom setting or virtual) is designed to cover the essential theoretical construct and models of logoteleology or Meaningful Purpose Psychology. It is one of various learning experiences designed for individuals aspiring to become Logoteleology Certified Professionals (LCP). The workshop also prepares aspiring LCP’s to meet the test requirements on the theoretical foundations of logoteleology.

Previous to the workshop, participants are encouraged to read “The Path to a Meaningful Purpose: Psychological Foundations of Logoteleology.They are also provided with and encouraged to study a list of additional resources such as books and empirical papers that provide light and support to Logoteleology’s propositions. During the workshop participants review the concepts and carry out exercises and small group work to deepen their understanding. Quizzes are administered after each segment to test knowledge. After the workshop, participants seeking LCP certification are expected to write and submit to the facilitator a 5 to 10-paged paper highlighting their most significant learning. After review by the facilitator, the paper is distributed to classmates to share learning experiences. Finally, a test is administered as evidence of competence.

By the end of the workshop participants will learn the theoretical foundations of:

  1. The Logoteleology Identity Model
  2.  The Logoteleological Nature of Humans
  3. Meaning, Meanings Types, and the formation of Meaning Sets
  4. What is Meaningful and Meaningless
  5.  Motivation as a Telosponse
  6. The Role of – and how to maximize -- Purpose in identities
  7.  Personality Disturbances and their Root Causes
  8. Building a robust and confident meaningful life purpose.

With such understanding you will be able to:

1.       Build your confidence on the fundamentals of logoteleology theory and models
2.       Confidently explain logoteleology to others
3.       Deepen your self-awareness
4.       Be better prepared to diagnose and respond to situations in a constructive way
5.       Improve your ability to self-regulate
6.       Improve and leverage your meaningful life purpose

Pre-requisite: Ideally, Meaningful Purpose Laboratory / Workshop, but not required. Read book before workshop.

Dates and Sites: Virtual GotoMeeting Workshop: From 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM, EST on Mondays: Dates to be announced

Workshop Time: 12 hours

College Students receive a 50% discount when registering, and upon providing evidence of their student standing.