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Designing Meaningful Purpose Organizations (OD2.0)


This five day hands-on and collaborative laboratory builds the ability of change agents to design a meaningful purpose organization for high engagement and productivity.  Using OD2.0 methods, participants learn how to generate organizations that are profitable, nurture the environment, and promotes the well-being of all stakeholders.

Leveraging meaningful purpose psychology organization development theory and methods, learning is complemented with short lectures and the study of contemporary and meaning-based organizational theory and design, analysis of current meaningful-based organizations, as well as practical application. During the learning laboratory, participants are given the task of designing a meaningful purpose organization or function. Through the process they learn the strengths and weaknesses of design options. Participants also design and apply options to continuously improve, to counter potential threats, and to make good use of opportunities.


    The Meaningful Purpose Team; Diagnosing Organizations

Dates and Sites: Currently taking orders from groups and organizations. We are currently not planning to offer a public learning laboratory in the near future.