Boston Institute for Meaningful Purpose Enabling the whole person with meaning since 1986.

Coaching for Meaning and Purpose


Our fit-for-meaningful purpose approach to coaching reflects our mantra: Enabling people and institutions to succeed in their meaningful purpose. Our coaching method is best known for assisting individuals define and fulfill their life purpose and meaningful goals. With the solid and confident foundation of a personal meaningful life purpose, clients can select life options that are congruent with their true potential, with what they want out of life, and in order to achieve a meaningful legacy.

While an array of resources are leveraged, clients are encouraged to read The Path to a Meaningful Purpose: Psychological Foundations of Logoteleology in order to gain insight on what makes a person and life meaningful. We are unique in that we have successful and proprietary methods that benefit people with their existential concerns.

Our meaningful purpose coaches follow these principles:

·         strive to establish a meaningful, safe and comfortable relationship with the client

·         help the client clarify, claim and own her or his need for coaching

·         assist the client determine improvement goals, and to what noble end

·         encourage forward movement and the implementation of resolutions

·         follow and respect the client’s pace and readiness state. We remain client-centric

·         follow a code of confidentiality and professional ethical guideline

Our experienced coaches are or are in supervised process for certification from reputable coaching licensing organizations. They are also trained in Boston Institute for Meaningful Purpose Psychology theory and methods. Some of our coach partners are licensed psychologists.

Rate: US$100 per hour.