Boston Institute for Meaningful Purpose Enabling the whole person with meaning since 1986.


The Meaningful Purpose Lab is a very powerful experience. Through the Lab I was able to get solid on my Meaningful Purpose and how my purpose serves others. This has played out both personally and professionally; and has served my clients well. Thank you Luis for your work, journey, and living out your Meaningful Purpose. – Chuck Sarchione, New Orleans, Louisiana


The Meaningful Purpose Laboratory is a wonderful opportunity to step aside from the daily responsibilities and tasks and focus on what is truly meaningful and will make a difference in the way we live our lives. – Yolanda Elliott, San Jose, Costa Rica


I am very glad to have been a part of the Meaningful Purpose Lab. It helped me to focus on what is meaningful in my life and was especially beneficial for my husband and I to have attended together. Since the workshop we have set the meaningful goals for our family’s future and have had more open discussions with each other. We are mindful of keeping the meaningful focus in our lives. -- Elizabeth Campbell, Canton, Ohio


The meaningful purpose workshop was a real eye opener for me.  It really helped me dig deep inside to find what was really meaningful in my life.  I highly recommend for anyone to participate in this workshop.  You will have great discussions with those involved in the workshop and learn a lot about yourself and others. 


This meaningful purpose workshop was amazing. I walked in thinking about one thing and being career focused but walked out thinking about how I need to focus on helping myself and others.  It really have me a different perspective on how I should be living my life. -- Jose Bastias, Senior Service Director | Walt Disney World Clubhouse
Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Florida