Boston Institute for Meaningful Purpose Enabling the whole person with meaning since 1986.

Boston Institute for Meaningful Purpose 

Enabling people and institutions to succeed in their meaningful purpose.

Meaningful Purpose Psychology (Logoteleology) sprung as a result of a paradox: 

Why is humanity unable to thrive and to succeed as a civilization, despite being awash with knowledge?

The paradox motivated author and the pioneer of Meaningful Purpose Psychology, Luis A. Marrero, to design science-based, insightful and practical learning experiences to aid individuals and institutions

  1. uncover the root causes of the dilemma
  2. reach their own conclusions on how to best overcome problems and take advantage of potential and opportunities
  3. thrive and succeed

Meaningful Purpose Psychology (MPP) is not only a novel behavioral school of scientific thought -- it is also an optimistic and meaningful movement for individuals and institutions who want on their own terms to find answers and implement practical solutions to real life problems -- versus a sales pitch.