Boston Institute for Meaningful Purpose Enabling the whole person with meaning since 1986.

Boston Institute for Meaningful Purpose

Enabling people and institutions to succeed in their meaningful purpose.

How We Got Started

Founded in 1986 by CEO, Luis A. Marrero, M.A., RODP, in Boston, Massachusetts, our original name was The Boston Institute for the Applied Behavioral Sciences. Our mission was oriented to research, publish articles on the applied social sciences, and train professionals to practice Organization Development. The Institute has provided OD consulting to global companies and other entities. Over the years The Boston Institute has broaden its offerings to include coaching and assessment services.

The Boston Institute eventually changed its name with the advent of the founder's first book in a planned anthology, The Path to a Meaningful Purpose: Psychological Foundations of Logoteleology. The book on meaningful purpose psychology is available through Amazon , Barnes & Noble web sites. Our new name is The Boston Institute for Meaningful Purpose ( While we continue the work of our original charter, our services promote and are aligned with the meaningful purpose psychology agenda.

The mission of meaningful purpose psychology is twofold:

  • First, to understand the factors that enable and prevent individuals, groups and organizations from making meaningful choices.
  • Second, to foster the selection of meaningful options over meaningless alternatives.

To that end we have boosted our development services by adding the Meaningful Purpose Learning Series. Core to our mission is to bring promising solutions and rigorous academic research to organizations of all types in order to make them more meaningful and hence successful.

The Boston Institute for Meaningful Purpose is a member professional organization dedicated to promote meaningful purpose psychology globally. The Institute is encouraging members to sponsor local meaningful purpose psychology chapters. Social Science professionals, academic researchers, students, and practitioners will be invited to join, collaborate, and participate in local chapters and learning conferences.

Our coaching practice and laboratories are facilitated by certified and licensed logoteleologists. Boston Institute for Meaningful Purpose OD consultants are well-versed in Logoteleology methods. Professionals interested in becoming a certified coach and facilitator on meaningful purpose psychology can contact us for details.

Finally, we are also invested in helping firms who wish to increase employee engagement as a means to higher profit and market impact. Our research and partnerships with professional psychological associations, commerce and industry is oriented to promote best practices for success, based on sound and promising theory and empirical research.